Op-ed originally published in TechCrunch, August 2018

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New fifth-generation “5G” network technology will equip the United States with a superior wireless platform, unlocking transformative economic potential. However, 5G’s success is contingent on modernizing outdated policy frameworks that dictate infrastructure overhauls and establishing the proper balance of public-private partnerships to encourage investment and deployment.

Most people have heard by now of the coming 5G revolution. …

Op-ed originally published in the Huffington Post, October 16, 2017

The evolution of connected technology and its impact on our society is truly amazing. From smartphones and tablets to thermostats and home appliances connected devices have begun to generate a seemingly endless stream of real-time data and information. This evolution, however, has barely just begun.

The emergence of the smart city will forever alter civic society and deliver incredible consumer benefits. Smart cities are the high-tech hubs of tomorrow that will leverage connectivity to change the way we live, learn, work, and play. The convergence of connectivity and city planning…

Op-ed originally published in The Hill, April 4, 2017

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It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed since Apple unveiled the first iPhone. Though tough to fathom today, at one time the tech giant had just a handful of employees, used federal grants to fuel the company’s R&D and received capital from a government backed investment fund.

Access to capital is a major hurdle for startups and small businesses, particularly in tech companies which data shows are more reliant on debt capital than non-tech. …

Op-ed originally published in TechCrunch, January 13, 2017

Image Credits: Toytoy (opens in a new window)/ Wikimedia Commons (opens in a new window)under a CC BY-SA 3.0 (opens in a new window) license

The genius and creativity of American scientists and inventors has long kept the United States at the forefront of innovation and helped to drive U.S. economic success. The federal government’s role in this effort often involves providing seed money for research and experimentation and, increasingly, in protecting American intellectual property (IP) rights in the global marketplace.

It can take many millions of dollars and a decade or more to turn an idea into a successful product. This investment and hard work should be defended. Left unchecked, infringement on IP has the potential…

Op-ed originally published in TechCrunch, September 1, 2016

Technology innovators tend to operate with an ethos that they consider diametrically opposed to that of government, frequently leading to friction and adversarial attitudes. They view tech as fast-moving, inventive and needing to be free of bureaucracy — while government is staid, stodgy and constrained by restrictive red tape.

Government, however, remains an ever-present force in the operations of any company, technology or otherwise, and can be friend or foe.

Given the current regulatory, legal and political climate in our country, and while technology becomes increasingly more pervasive in our society, there…

Op-ed originally published in TechCrunch, July 3, 2016.

Image Credits: Izabela Habur / Getty Images

Imagine a future where “moonshots” are part of our everyday reality. In this future, shipping no longer uses environmentally damaging Styrofoam but instead an organic mushroom-based material. Things like meat and leather can be created in a laboratory, limiting the need for environmentally harmful animal slaughterhouses, or tanning and garment factories that can endanger workers.

In this future, astronauts in orbit 3D-print the materials they need while onboard their spacecraft. And imagine that funding for these innovations comes not from Silicon Valley venture capital, eccentric billionaires or maverick corporations, but instead from…

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Current VC at Max Ventures. Former, Obama admin focused on investment and innovation. Prior, econ dev for NYC’s tech sector. ❤️ intersection of venture/tech/gov

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